William Henry Harrison

Tippecanoe and History Too! 2009

WHH-1The 2009 exhibit at the President Benjamin Harrison Home explored the life of William Henry Harrison, grandfather of Benjamin Harrison. William Henry Harrison was the First Governor of the Indiana Territory, the Commanding General of the War of 1812, and the ninth President of the United States.

The exhibit featured letters, documents and other artifacts providing insight into the man from 1790 to his death while in office in 1841. Among the treasured artifacts was William Henry's 1828 appointment as Envoy to Columbia by President John Quincy Adams. Reaching Bogota in February 1829, he was recalled a month later by Adams' successor, Andrew Jackson, but he continued to function as minister until his replacement arrived in September. His stern republicanism proved uncongenial to the prevailing Columbian government headed by General Simon Bolivar. Harrison declared, "The strongest of all government is that which is most free." The appointment is signed by President John Quincy Adams and Secretary of State Henry Clay.

whh-2William Henry Harrison's appointment to Major General in March 1813, signed by John Armstrong, was displayed. The appointment meant a great deal to Harrison, having proven his commitment to service in the military. Armstrong was appointed Secretary of War under President Madison in 1813. He made a number of valuable changes to the armed forces. Armstrong resigned in 1814 after American forces were repeatedly defeated by the British.

We displayed numerous letters including his final writings, a portrait of William Henry Harrison by James Henry Beard, and a piece of Captain Spier Spencer's flag from the Battle of Tippecanoe.

“An American citizen could not be a good citizen who did not have a hope in his heart.” ~ Benjamin Harrison

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