Ben's Brigade for Kids!

Benjamin Harrison was a great man and through activities you will have the opportunity to learn more about this man who was the only president to be elected from the state of Indiana. Check the page from time to time for new activities. We have many activities to offer students in the Ben's Brigade page. Just follow the links to the right to find the different types of activities.


*In order to do these activities, you must print out the images. 








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In 2009, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor founded a website called iCivics so that we can learn about our government in a fun way! For access to her site, click here.  You do not need to register to play the games.
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Do you ever wonder what it takes to be a good citizen? In this fun and engaging 10-minute animated video students will follow Paul the Robot and Francis the Platypus as they learn the basics, click here! francis paul

Lightning strikes happen all over the world.  It happened to Benjamin Harrison IV and his two daughters on July 12, 1745, and claimed two lives.  It's never too late to learn about lightning safety.  Click here to view an "Ember911" video for safety tips.

To learn more about our national government in an entertaining manner, click here!

PBS is one of the most educational television stations and has a fun, engaging website. To learn about voting through PBS, click here! pbs-kids-logo